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Home Energy Rating Services
We gather required inputs and perform the necessary inspections and testing for HERS index ratings on new or existing residential homes.  HERS ratings are the most widely-used documentation of a home's energy efficiency, and can assist in the sale or rental of an energy-efficient home or in making available better financing terms for a buyer.  HERS ratings are required in qualifying homes for Energy Efficient Mortgages (EEMs) and many other types of retrofit programs.

Energy Calcs, HVAC Manual J and Duct Testing

We offer new construction energy calculations and HVAC sizing on new construction plans.  For existing homes, we perform required Manual J calculations for HVAC change outs.  The contractor or owner has the option of either providing us with measurements and photos or we will visit the home to gather the necessary data.  For new construction we can test the ductwork to earn the "substantially leak free" energy credit of the new energy code.  Testing is also available for existing homes getting a full duct change out.
Energy Star Certification - New Construction
We certify the Energy Star 3.0 standard for new construction homes.  Certification includes all modeling, testing and mid-construction inspection necessary to meet Energy Star 3.0 requirements.  We will complete for you any available rebate documents to help maximize your return.
Photometric Analysis
Services range from simple models showing calculated light levels and uniformity for interior or exterior spaces to customized reports detailing light levels for multiple planes and compliance with local municipal codes and MLO standards.
Bluestream Energy makes it easy for you to achieve your energy-efficiency goals.  We provide energy modeling, third party verification and testing services.  Whether it is complying with the Florida Energy Code, achieving a target HERS index score, earning the Energy Star designation, or completing HVAC documentation, we are here to assist you.  Bluestream Energy uses an objective and comprehensive approach, aiming to save you time and money by streamlining efforts, maximizing rebates, and providing honest, objective consulting showing the most cost-effective path to reaching your goal.
For contractors working on existing construction, we provide the residential or commercial energy audit analysis required prior to commencing a retrofit for PACE or other energy-efficiency programs.