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Home Energy Rating Services
We gather required inputs and perform the necessary inspections and testing for HERS index ratings on new or existing residential homes.  HERS ratings are the most widely-used documentation of a home's energy efficiency, and can assist in the sale or rental of an energy-efficient home or in making available better financing terms for a buyer.  HERS ratings are required in qualifying homes for Energy Efficient Mortgages (EEMs) and many other types of retrofit programs.

Energy Assessments for Energy Upgrades, or Bluestream Energy Solutions
Energy assessments benefit the home and commercial property owners by targeting the most-effective conservation measures and the highest-returning investments in energy efficiency, analysing the entire building as a system.  Comprehensive energy audits using RESNET protocols and software are available to homeowners.  Basic and more comprehensive energy audits are available to commercial property owners.  The audit process is the first step in upgrading building energy efficiency through PACE and other financing programs.
Energy Calcs, HVAC Manual J and Duct Testing

We offer new construction energy calculations and HVAC sizing on new construction plans.  For existing homes, we perform required Manual J calculations for HVAC change outs.  The contractor or owner has the option of either providing us with measurements and photos or we will visit the home to gather the necessary data.  For new construction we can test the ductwork to earn the "substantially leak free" energy credit of the new energy code.  Testing is also available for existing homes getting a full duct change out.
Site Assessments for Solar Power
When considering a photovoltaic system for your home or business, it can be useful to have an initial site assessment performed for you.  Based on your preferences, we will determine the feasible size of your system (making sure that it is shade free year round), how much solar energy is available to your system based on orientation and tilt, and the amount of electricity production and financial savings you can expect.  Analyses of both straight grid-tie and battery backup systems are available.
Bluestream Energy offers energy assessments for commercial and residential property owners, residential energy ratings, and site assessments for solar power.

Energy assessments benefit the property owner by targeting the highest-returning investments in energy efficiency.  During our visit we will spend several hours to several days at your property, depending on its size, gathering data on your building's energy performance, such as lighting, HVAC, windows, appliances, insulation, etc.  Depending on your preferences, we can then test your property's envelope and ductwork for leakage.  Data is then entered into energy-modeling software to enable accurate predictions of savings from energy upgrades.  Our report identifies the most effective money-saving measures, prioritized starting with those having the fastest paybacks.  Typically, several upgrades will have paybacks of one to three years.  Read more about Bluestream Energy Solutions.

Home energy ratings (HERS index scores) provide the homeowner with a standard measure of a home's energy efficiency.  Energy ratings of homes are similar in this respect to the mpg ratings of motor vehicles.  The benefit of an energy rating is that it provides official documentation of a home's energy performance, which can assist in the sale or rental of an energy-efficient home or in making available better financing terms for a prospective buyer.  To learn more about energy ratings, click the RESNET logo below.

We offer site commercial and residential customers site assessments for solar power, including electricity production and savings estimates.