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Energy assessment, Key Largo.  Annual savings of $1,255 identified through energy upgrades ($550 investment) and energy conservation.
Multi-family housing project, Miami.  Developer achieved average HERS index scores in the mid-60s and Energy Star certifications.
Energy Improvement Mortgage (EIM), Boynton Beach.  Home qualified for and received EIM for recommended upgrades.  Starting HERS index score of 165.
Energy audit, Port St. Lucie.  Annual savings of $440 identified for $1,400 investment in energy upgrades.
Energy rating, Vero Beach.  Builder achieved HERS index score of 63 through tight construction, solar-water heating, and high-efficiency windows, appliances and lighting.
Solar site assessment; Abacos, Bahamas.  Three plans developed for homeowner, ranging from two-day autonomy battery backup to completely off-grid.
Energy audit, common areas of downtown Miami condo, west tower.  Annual savings of $39,250 identified for $143,340 investment in lighting and pump upgrades.
Energy consultation during renovation, Ft. Lauderdale.  Options for envelope, HVAC, rainwater collection, lighting, photovoltaics, solar thermal, and natural-gas cogeneration analysed.

Energy audit, Palmetto Bay hotel.  Annual savings of $21,900 for $96,890 investment in HVAC, HVAC occupancy sensors, and pump upgrades.